Maisha works with companies, small businesses, non-profits, schools, brands, & entrepreneurs.

Maisha's Philosophy: 

It's never too late to experience victories in life by mastering the art of effective communication - professionally and personally.

Maisha's Popular Speaking Topics

Adult Keynote Programs (Executive Leadership and Communication)

  • Simple Keys To Achieving Mindful Leadership Through Effective Communication
  • The essence of good leadership is to know where to lead people. The essence of knowing where to lead them is knowing where to lead the entire organization. Being mindful can help a lot in that manner and simply means being connected to the reality - as well as accepting it fully. Together we identify the skill set and tools needed to become a Mindful Leader both personally and professionally.

  • Why Every Organization Leader Needs to Master Public Speaking

              Where Founders and CEOs learn and understand the value of one's ability to effectively communicate as a required business skill in today's marketplace.  Together we identify 7 key areas where organization leaders can master one-to-one and one-to many public communication.

  • Mindfulness: What Is It And How To Achieve It In 10 Minutes A Day

             Are you feeling constantly stressed? Do you lack focus and motivation? Or by any chance want to improve your health in only 10 minutes a day?  Believe it or not, there is a technique that benefits thousands of users daily. A technique that is easy to practice and doesn't take much of your time. That technique is called mindfulness - and studies have shown that those who practice it, experience a lot of positive changes in many areas of their lives. 

Adult Workshops

  • Social Competency: Enhance your ability to understand and influence others.
  • Self-Awareness & Emotional Intelligence: Understanding the meaning of emotional intelligence and your capacity to emphasize with others.
  • Fear Of Public Speaking (Glossophobia): How It Happens And How To Overcome It
  • Using Your Knowledge As An Industry Vet to Become A Motivational Speaker
  • Why Every Entrepreneur Needs to Master Public Speaking 
  • Mastering the Art of Mindful Communication for Diversity and Inclusion
  • What Does Your Body Language Say About You?
  • Our Town (Improvisation & Other Team Building/Energizer Games)

Youth Keynote Programs

  • Getting Along: Words & Unspoken Words for Avoiding Conflicts & Adversity
  • Soopergirl & SooperBoy: Be Unique Be You (Addressing Issues of Self-Esteem in Today's Society)

Workshops for Any Age

  • Self-Control & Managing Emotions: tips and techniques to handling stress, anxiety and depression.
  • Developing Emotional Intelligence: Learn how to interact, communicate and collaborate successfully with all types of people.
  • How to Gain Confidence in Conversing with Anyone: Personal Growth and Awareness via Diversity, Mindfulness and Inclusion
  • Understanding the 3 Basics of Effective Communication: Body Language (Non-verbal language), Styles of Communication, Communication for Personal and Professional Relationships.
  • Dealing with Difficult People: Strategies, tips and techniques for fighting frustration in the workplace.

Looking for a customized program?

Maisha regularly creates customized programs. If you have a specific need or a topic of importance, please let us know.

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